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Kung Fu Masters!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today we woke up at 5 30, this was yet another early wake up but for a good reason. We walked down to the temple and did kung fu exercises with a warrior monk! His technique was very different from the one we learned in the kung fu school. It was interesting to see that two places so close to each other are teaching different techniques. After this we walked through the pagoda forest. It was beautiful there, and very peaceful. The pagoda forest was filled with tombs of monks, they were all very beautiful. After breakfast and some resting we headed to another kung fu session in a clearing by the temple. We were very sore and tired but we had a lot of fun with the warrior monks who were teaching us! After this we had some time to rest and relax before heading back to the temple. This time we had our final examination. The monks sat back and watched as we performed the routine two at a time. I was a little nervous but it was exciting and fun, when the monk handed me the certificate I was very happy! It felt good to see all our hard work had paid off. The certificate is something I will always save. After this we headed to the hotel for showers and relaxing time before we went to dinner. Tonight dinner was very special because two warrior monks joined us along with our four teachers from the kung fu school. We had so much fun with them learning about their lives and just being able to interact with them. Their lives are so different than ours and these past four days we were able to experience just a little bit of that. It was such a great thing to do and I enjoyed it so much! After this we headed back to the temple, we thought we were performing for our teachers but many warrior monks and students were there. It became a talent show, many people did tricks or performed songs. It was a lot of fun. It was such an amazing feeling to look around and see kids from all over our country bonding and then to see all of us bonding with kids from China. The happiness in that room tonight could put a smile on anyones face, there was so much support in the room. Everyone had such a great time and enjoyed hanging out with the local kids ! Tomorrow we have a five hour train ride which will be nice to relax and to hang out. I can not believe the trip is coming to an end, it flew by so fast!
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Karen Wells said...

Good news and bad news today...You earned your certificate - the trip is coming to a close. How many week do you guys think you could keep up the intense activities you have been doing? Even better than all the activities is that you guys have bonded with each other and with the people of China. Will you ever look at the news about China and not think of the friends you have made there. Your lives have been enriched, and I really think our country is better off because you have experienced this culture. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

Changing Connections said...

You were so fortunate to bond with the people in China, to live with them, spend time with them, experience with them. You know that you had a lifetime trip; it will stay with you forever. Some things we forget with time, but this trip is a keeper. Thank you for representing us so well and welcome home.

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN LC Blog Coordinator

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