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Kung Fu School!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today was yet another great day in China! It seems like everyday I say that! There really is never a dull moment here and at every activity we find ourselves saying this is the best thing so far! Today we participated in classes at the Little Dragon kung fu school. It was so much fun, we started off by running laps and then stretched a little. Next we practiced a routine. Our teacher was a little intimidating but once we got him to open up we all were laughing. The kung fu was definitely intense, dancing really helped me and so many of the positions reminded me of things I have done in ballet. A lot of the kung fu is plieing and involves balance. It was really interesting to see their style and the way they moved. Our teacher was amazing and he made everything look so easy! We all had so much fun and can't wait to go back tomorrow. After kung fu we came back to the hotel , hung out, and of course ate our favorite oreos. After that we ate dinner and attended a Chinese music performance. It was set on top of a beautiful mountain. It was the first time I have ever seen such a beautiful sky in china! The setting was absolutely stunning the mountains were strung with lights and there was a beautiful bridge and amazing flowers and landscpaing surrounding it. The lights alone made the show beautiful, they lit up the entire scenery giving it a warm glow and giving it such a serene feeling. Throughout the show music was played it was so peaceful and when we left we all felt so relaxed and calm. It was amazing how music could have such a calming effect! The show really was beautiful and such a treat! Tomorrow wake up is at 4 30 !! At this time we are off to the Shaolin Temple to do morning prayers with the monks and then help clean the temple. I am excited and also nervous! However after meeting the monk two days ago I am excited to see more of what their life is like:)
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Karen Wells said...

I loved the photo. It is something you will cherish forever. I am glad your dance has paid off. I think if I ever get to go on DSA China, I will most certainly have to get more physically fit. I hope that prayers with the monks adds more serenity to what has already been a spiritual adventure. Take heed to what the monks have to say. I want to hear it all.

Changing Connections said...

As a ballerina, you must find Kung Fu much easier than most. You would have finely tuned muscles, a sense of balance, a limberness most would not have.

Your description makes me so want to be on the top of that mountain, with a view shared with friends.

Of all the photos on this trip, and there have been some stunners, your photo on this blog is my favorite. It seems to embody the harmony, inner peace of the Chinese way of life. And the colors are, well, stunning.

RJ Stangherlin

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